My thoughts on Cambrooke’s COMPLETE bars


Wow! I’m not quite sure what else to say when it comes to the Camino Pro COMPLETE bars. I just got my samples today, and I have nothing but positives to say about this new product.

I took the peanut butter flavored bar with me to work today. I was extremely impressed with the flavor. I am on Kuvan, so I have tasted real peanut butter before, and the peanut butter COMPLETE bars taste pretty darn close to regular peanut butter. To someone who has never had peanut butter before you would never know the difference. The texture was a little bit chewy, but I didn’t mind this at all. To be honest I thought the texture was very similar to a Three Musketeer bar. The packaging is really nice as well. It’s very discrete, and I feel as if it would be less likely to raise questions at school or in the workplace compared to a glass of formula.

Out of the two flavors the fruit frenzy was my favorite. The best way I can describe it is by saying it tastes like raisin bread with a hint of apple flavor. I know that might sound like a weird way to explain the taste, but I promise it is yummy! My two younger sisters who also have PKU tried the fruit flavored COMPLETE bar as well, and they loved it to! We even gave four of our non PKU siblings a tiny nibble, and none of them believed me when I told them it was formula. One of them even jokingly asked if I would buy them for her!

One of my friends mentioned that the COMPLETE bars have a hefty amount of calories. They’re suppose to be meal replacement bars of some sort though right? If you eat one of these for breakfast or in place of an unhealthy snack (er…at least my snacks are usually unhealthy LOL), then it isn’t as if you’re really adding calories to your diet after all. You’re just replacing something you would normally eat with a COMPLETE bar instead.

All in all, Cambrooke has really outdone themselves with this product. Not only is it tasty, it’s smell-free, it’s convenient, and it doesn’t scream ‘medical food’ like some other formulas do…all of which win Camino Pro COMPLETE bars ‘brownie points’ in my book!


About Breamarie91

I am a twenty-three year old adult with PKU. I was diagnosed at nine days of age and have been treated every since. I also have two younger sisters who have PKU. In addition to studying early childhood/elementary education with a minor in creative arts, I also dance on my colleges dance team, work in a child care center and as a youth dance instructor, and function as the organization director of the PKU Organization of Wisconsin, Inc. I am also in the process of opening my own business (a dance

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